4 Tips for Speedy Sports Injury Recovery

Updated on October 28, 2021

Many sports enthusiasts suffer an injury at some point in their lives. Sustaining a sports injury can be extremely frustrating and leave you unable to play your sport or train for several weeks or months. If you suffer an injury while playing sports, you must follow your doctor’s advice and give yourself adequate time to rest and heal. Taking the appropriate steps will help you reduce pain and recover quicker. With that in mind, here are four tips for speedy sports injury recovery:

1. Follow your doctor’s advice 

You should always have a sports injury checked out by a medical professional to rule out anything serious. In some cases, you may need further examinations such as x-rays or an MRI scan. A doctor will examine your injured body part and advice on the best way to treat your injury. For instance, you may be told to wear a sling to support and protect a fractured arm while it heals. You must follow your doctor’s advice and avoid doing anything that will aggravate the injury. If your doctor recommends a course of treatment like physiotherapy, then make sure that you complete the recommended treatment to see the best outcome. 

2. Give yourself time to heal

Most sports injuries take several weeks to heal, although the exact timeframe will depend on the location and severity of the injury. According to an infographic by Mount Elizabeth, “an ankle sprain takes around 6-12 weeks to heal, and an ACL tear can take six months or more.” Having your mobility restricted because of a sports injury can be frustrating, but you must allow yourself enough time to heal. Make time to relax and give your body adequate time to repair before you attempt anything too strenuous. 

3. Eat a healthy diet 

When you have sustained a sports injury, you must eat a healthy diet that will support a speedy recovery. Various foods can help your body recover following a sports injury. Medical professionals recommend that you should include plenty of protein-rich foods in your diet, such as eggs, chicken, tofu, and beans. You should also eat lots of fruit and vegetables and sources of omega-3 fatty acids. 

4. Try alternative medicines 

Various alternative medicines and supplements can improve pain caused by a sports injury. For instance, experts at Bloom&Oil state that one of the Top CBD Oil Benefits is that it can improve some forms of pain and reduce anxiety. There is not sufficient evidence to support the medical benefits of taking CBD products, although many people report improvements to their health and wellbeing. If traditional pain medication is not working, then it may be worth trying alternative medicines like CBD. 


Many people suffer injuries while playing sports. These can range from minor sprains to more serious injuries. If you have been injured while playing sports, then you must take your injury seriously and take steps to support your recovery. The above tips should help you speed up your recovery period and return to playing your sport more quickly. 

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