4 Tips for Proper Dental Care As You Enter Your 50s

Updated on November 26, 2020

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Once you turn 50, your body undergoes considerable changes. As you prepare for this next phase in your life, it’s important to take dental care more seriously. After all, you need to maintain a healthy set of pearly whites just in time for your retirement. The only catch, however, is that caring for your teeth becomes even more laborious as you advance in age.

Periodontal diseases that attack the teeth and gums occur frequently during your senior years. Without proper care and attention, you risk losing all your teeth or, worse, develop even more serious dental issues. As such, if you need a good dentist, be sure to consider this Dentist in Indialantic.

That said, here are the five tips you need to remember to take care of your teeth as you push past 50:

1. Brush with consideration

Nothing says proper dental hygiene quite like frequent tooth brushing. But it’s important to remember that it’s not the act of brushing alone that keeps your teeth in good condition. You also need to consider the type of toothbrush you are using everyday. For this, opt for an electric toothbrush that’s ideal for soft and sensitive teeth. Moreover, you should be able to pair this with the right kind of toothpaste. Pick one that’s rich in fluoride for protecting against cavities. But the best you can do here is to consult a dentist on the type of toothbrush or toothpaste you should be using.

2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Have you been planning to quit these vices for too long? It’s time to do so since nicotine and alcohol are known to worsen tooth decay. Alcohol, for one, inhibits saliva production while tobacco can irritate the gums and cause bacteria to accumulate in pockets surrounding the teeth. Quitting your smoking and drinking habits is the most important health decision you can make, because aside from the fact you get to keep most of your teeth, you also get to improve your overall health.

3. Get dental implants

According to Boston Magazine, American adults lose around 12 teeth by the age of 50. This can be because of accidents, preventative extractions or rotten teeth. At any rate, it would be a good idea to consider getting dental implants at this point in your life. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. Dental implants preserve bone quality and get rid of gaps that could lead to serious gum disease. 

4. Adopt a healthier eating habit

As you push into your 50s, keeping an eye on what you eat becomes more crucial, especially when it comes down to oral hygiene. Of course, you will need to limit your intake of sugary snacks and beverages, but you should also start eating fruits and vegetables that are high in calcium, like oranges, fresh broccoli, pears, and kale. These are also packed with other minerals that can support you as you gear for your retirement.

Even as you age, you still need to keep your pearly whites intact. So, the retirement age is more memorable with a healthy and confident smile on your face!

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