4 Things You Need to Know About Vaping

Updated on March 17, 2019

Smoking has been a source of recreation since time immemorial. Due to the alarming increase in mortality as a result of risks involved, we now have new techniques which are thought to be less harmful. Vaping has been termed as the new source of recreation, and some people consider it to be even more enjoyable than smoking. Latest CDC guidelines indicate that e-cigarettes are getting to be widely used globally. Here is what you should know about vaping.

1. E-cigarette contains nicotine

One of the reasons that will keep you going on smoking even when you know of the adverse side effects is the high levels of addiction. In the vape, you will still find the active ingredient in the tobacco smoke which is the nicotine. However, most of the hazardous elements seen in tobacco smoke are removed. Still, it remains to have several adverse side effects that you should be aware of. The side effects are attributed to the nicotine which damages vascular tissues and causes plaque as well as inflammation.

2. The safety profile of vaping

Many medical experts agree that vaping is much safer compared to smoking. Even though they contain nicotine, being void of the carcinogenic substances render it a safer choice. The percentages of nicotine in the preparations will significantly influence its safety. It is set between 50% and 80%. The exception of tar from the product makes it a lot safer compared to tobacco.

The safety state varies with the particular group in question. Mostly, the product is safe for teen entangled in the habit of smoking.

Smoking in pregnancy has been associated with congenital disabilities. An expectant woman may crave tobacco and resort to vaping as an option to quench their thirst without harming the unborn baby. Is vaping while pregnant safe? That should be the question before you attempt this. There are no conclusive studies to determine the safety of nicotine in pregnancy; as such, it is recommended that you avoid it if possible.

3. Vaping to help in smoke cessation

Several companies market vape products as the magic of stopping smoking. There is a great urge in most of the smokers to quit since they recognize the harms. However, stopping smoking is a challenging transformation and involve a combination therapy approach. There are reports of people abandoning the habit after a while of using the vape alternative.

A study established that about 28% of smokers successfully stopped smoking with the aid of vapes. The results are not conclusive yet. You can try it allow with other proven methods as recommended by the American Heart Association. This will be a sure way to get off the hook.

4. What are the other ingredients in the e-cigarettes?

Nicotine is not the only constituent of the vape product. Atop nicotine, many e-cigarette brands contain formaldehyde and diacetyl. Some of the components of vape have been reported to bear harmful effects; for instance, formaldehyde is said to cause cancers.  Besides, the manufacturers will also include flavors to enhance the palatability of the product. You should be aware of all the ingredients and possible associated risks before getting going.

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