4 Telling Signs of a Good Doctor

Updated on August 14, 2020

Doctors belong to an incredibly noble profession, and most of them are given the salaries and the protocol they deserve. Among them, there are some who shoot for the starts and even manage to grab them. In most of the cases, the perks a doctor enjoys, are a direct determinant of his abilities because private markets have no room for incompetent doctors. 

But, one thing that needs to be understood is that these perks are merely one of many determinants, and other factors must also be evaluated before hiring a doctor. Even good doctors like the ones at Treasure Valley Family Medicine struggle to maintain their sanity nowadays because of the extra pressure they are facing due to coronavirus pandemic. Some of them even get addicted to drugs and they exhibit clear signs if you have an eye for detail. For your convenience, we have discussed here four telling signs of a good doctor so that you engage someone competent like the Meridian, idaho doctor for your medical needs. 

Stellar reputation:

Stellar reputation is a major sign of a good doctor because it takes a lot of time and perseverance to build a reputation. Therefore, if a doctor has a good reputation, then he must be treating his patients effectively in a consistent manner. Nowadays, finding such doctors are not an issue because of the new age technology called the internet. 

All you have to do is google the best physicians in your area, and you will get a list of many competent doctors. You can find their reviews by going on their websites because it will give you important insights into those doctors. Moreover, you can also ask around in your social circle and you will probably get many referrals. You can also google those referred doctors and check out their online reviews for further validation.

Maximum Availability:

It is often said that good doctors are mostly unavailable because of their busy schedules, but it cannot be further from the truth. In reality, good doctors are good managers of their time because they work on accurate hours, and have a team to ensure that their patients can reach them even during the odd hours. They would never make you wait for your appointments, and will even prioritize you if your concerns need to be addressed urgently. 

Therefore, look for such a doctor especially if you are looking to engage one for your children. This is because children are unpredictable, and can land themselves into trouble even at odd hours of the night. Therefore, if you have engaged a mostly available doctor, a lot of your worries will be washed away. 


Empathy is the soul of medical sciences because it looks to develop drugs and techniques to ensure that every soul on the planet lives a healthy life. Therefore, there is no point in hiring a doctor if he is not empathetic towards your condition because he would be violating the soul of his profession by not caring about his patients. 

Good listener:

Patients are going to blabber a lot about their conditions because they are scared, worried, and do not know any better. Therefore, a good doctor will always listen intently to what his patient has to say even if he is going in endless circles. He will only talk once his patient is done explaining his side of the story. Doing it will not only comfort the patient but will also help the doctor in his diagnosis, as more details would enable him to understand the situation better. Therefore, always engage a doctor who is ready to listen to your stories and insecurities. 

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