4 Signs Your Loved Ones Need Home Care Package

Updated on July 8, 2022

From our vulnerability as a child until finding our way through adulthood– our parents and elders have always been there for us, protecting and guiding us throughout the way. However, as we grow older, so are our parents. 

That said, aging and planning for in-home care is the last thing that most people do. Most elderly might even deny or hide symptoms of cognitive and physical decline out of pride or not wanting to become a burden to their children. 

However, they can’t hide tell-tale signs that they need help and an aged home care service package. Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for. 

  1. Wandering And Increased Forgetfulness

An increase in forgetfulness is one of the most significant warning signs that your parent or loved one may be starting to decline. 

Things like missing their doctor’s appointments or having trouble recalling basic knowledge may seem small. However, when added together, this kind of forgetfulness can be a sign that they need help. 

Memory loss is quite common in older adults; however, it can be a red flag to bigger issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

In particular, if your parent or loved one has started wandering or getting lost, then it’s a symptom of dementia. Identifying any underlying diseases is important by taking them to see their general practitioner for a diagnosis or even for regular checkups. 

  1. Bad Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene is also a significant warning sign that your loved one may need home care packages. Bad hygiene may be telling you that one of the basic tasks of daily life has become difficult for them to accomplish or a sign of memory issues. 

When visiting your parents, take note of any significant changes in their appearance. Do they have a stronger body odor? Is their clothing soiled? Was their hair unkempt and unwashed?

If your parents have started having poor hygiene issues, then it’s best to ask if they need any help. A home care package can be helpful for your loved ones, and assist them with their hygiene needs, such as laundry or bathing. 

However, since it’s a sensitive subject, you might want to ask and voice out your concerns carefully. You can also offer them dignified solutions or accessibility tools such as handrails in the bathroom. This helps reduce the risk of offending your loved one. 

  1. Messy, Unkempt Home

Apart from having a disheveled or untidy appearance, another tell-tale sign that your parent or loved one needs a home care package service is a disorderly home. 

However, note that it’s more than just having a disorganized or cluttered home. After all, we’ve all experienced a messy home once in a while. If you notice dirty dishes, expired food in the fridge, funny smells, trash, and dirty laundry piling up, it’s a sign that help is necessary. 

Depending on what’s in disarray, it could be a sign that your parent is struggling with something specific. For instance, if the house hasn’t been cleaned, it could signify mobility issues, demotivation, and apathy. If you see unopened mail piling up, then they might be avoiding issues with personal finances. 

So, make sure to take the time to ask questions and hear them out. Then, suggest a solution, particularly care services, to help them with their everyday tasks. 

  1. Changes In Diet

With age, a well-balanced diet is even more important. Your aging loved one needs all the nutrition they can get. However, due to the aging body, they may not have a good appetite as before. However, if you start seeing sudden weight gain or loss in just a short period, then something’s amiss. 

Are they having difficulty preparing food due to mobility or cognitive decline? Maybe they’re struggling with grocery shopping? Do you notice significant changes in their appetite? Or they simply forget to prepare or eat their meals. 

A home care package service can help maintain your elderly loved one’s diet, prepare and cook meals for them, and even feed your loved ones when needed. 

Take Away

Aging and in-home care are difficult topics. However, a basic plan can help minimize unpleasant surprises down the road. One way to prepare for a parent or loved one’s care is to be aware of the signs and symptoms that come with aging. 

While every person is different, when you start to see these tell-tale signs, consult a provider so you can plan for a home care package, helping them stay comfortable in their own home and ensure their quality of life in their later years.

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