4 Games That Actually Burn Calories

Updated on June 22, 2022

Gaming is often seen as an activity that makes you unhealthy and lousy. Times have changed now, because today we have games that actually burn your calories and as a result keep you fit. Today we will be discussing four such games with you. If you are interested in finding out four games that help you burn those calories, then keep reading!

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With millions of followers under her belt, youtuber Loserfruit managed to burn calories equal to 1,000 sit ups. This showed how playing online games actually helps you in burning calories. Similarly, Betway also conducted a study in which it was found that when 17 gamers played the game for 2 hours, they ended up burning as much as 194 calories. 

The same research was also performed for a few other games and the results were impressive for these as well. The heart rate of gamers peaked when they played Call of Duty. While Call of Duty made their heart beat reach 119 BPM, a 90 minute Fortnite session made their heartbeat reach 89 BPM.

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Just Dance 2020

Just Dance, a Ubisoft product accessible on a variety of platforms and in which you may get in shape while dancing, is one of the greatest video games for losing weight. It is a worldwide success with professional championships to dance their choreographies, and it lets you play with the console control or, if you like, with your phone.

Although the dance is enjoyable in and of itself, the main benefit of Just Dance as one of the greatest games for burning calories is its Sweat mode. Sweat mode allows us to perform choreographies while watching the number of calories we burn on the screen in real time.

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo have managed to cram a fitness game into a big, action-packed RPG. Those two genres don’t seem like they should go together, but they’re actually a great method for gamers to get in shape.

Even with the same type of movement, the game is continually introducing new mechanisms to keep things fresh. Squats aren’t the only thing you’re doing; you’re also opening treasure chests, jumping on trampolines, and even driving a minecart.


With a range of choreographed routines to choose from, you may create your own virtual reality boxercise workout at home. There’s also a handy calorie counter to provide you with a general estimate of how much you’ve burned.

The main problem, similar to a traditional gym, is that there are only three surroundings in which to conduct your numerous workouts, which means you may grow tired of staring at the same walls. Overall, if you have a VR headset (PSVR, SteamVR, or Oculus Quest), this is a fantastic workout.

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