4 Eye-opening Ways Vitamin Patches Can Improve Your Life

Updated on October 23, 2019

Roughly 49% of Americans take at least one daily vitamin supplement. 

Most people take them by choking down pills or drinking vitamin drinks. Pills are unpleasant and vitamin drinks are often loaded with sugar. 

Is there a better way?

Vitamin patches are an innovative way to get your daily dose and they are taking the health world by storm. Read on to learn a few ways that vitamin patches can improve your life. 

1. Vitamin Patches Provide Better Absorption

When you take a pill, it heads to your stomach. The acid in your stomach gets to work breaking it down along with the food in your stomach.

After marinating in your stomach for a couple of hours, it passes to the digestive system. The body continues breaking it down as it travels through the intestines, but the vitamins are beginning to be absorbed by the body.

However, once it gets to this point, it has already been quite degraded.

When you put a vitamin patch on your skin, the vitamins are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. From there, they travel to where they will do the most good in your body. 

If you want your body to better absorb and use the vitamins you take, a patch is a much better choice than a pill. 

2. Time-Release Vitamin Delivery

Not only does the patch provide a better mechanism for absorption, but also the vitamins are delivered slowly. Rather than receiving all the vitamins at once, you’ll receive them over the course of several hours.

This time-release method makes it easier for the body to put the vitamins to use.

Imagine building a house. You ask your assistant to hand you some nails. They give them all to you at once. You can’t hold all of them, so some of them fall on the floor and are lost.

Now imagine that the assistant hands you the nails one at a time at a slow, steady pace. You can work with that a lot easier.

3. Convenience

Vitamin patches are more convenient than pills. You simply apply them. You don’t have to have a glass of water or a bite to eat on hand to help you swallow them.

They’re also easier to take with you when traveling. They are smaller, lighter, and you won’t have to toss a rattling pill bottle in your bag. 

4. Target Specific Conditions/Parts of the Body

Vitamin patches are available with the right mix of vitamins to help target certain health concerns or certain parts of the body. For example, you can get patches to help you sleep, boost your energy, or help ease PMS and menopause symptoms.

Want to have clear, radiant skin? Who doesn’t? Earl Hailey from www.patchmd.com explains that antioxidants boost collagen, making them an essential component for healthier, younger-looking skin. Choose a patch loaded with antioxidants to nourish your skin and you’re all set!

Your Health Is Your Ultimate Treasure

Investing in your health is so important. Without good health, you simply can’t enjoy the same quality of life. 

Vitamin patches are a convenient way to get your vitamins directly into your bloodstream. The slow-release delivery method makes sure that your body gets the maximum benefit from them. Give them a try today and start living your best life.

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