4 Benefits of Using an Electronic Stethoscope

Updated on December 25, 2020

A stethoscope is still one of the most common tools used by doctors and other health professionals.  Whenever you meet a primary care physician in their office, they will always have a stethoscope hanging around their neck. It is a device that has been around for two centuries, and with time, it has improved in plenty of ways. The first stethoscope invented in 1816 was just a piece of wood, but today medical practitioners around the world use various types of stethoscopes. The one that has become quite popular in the past few years is an electronic stethoscope, which provides accurate readings with more details. As a medical practitioner, if you still haven’t switched to an electronic stethoscope, then these benefits might change your mind:

Improved Accuracy

One of the main reasons you should get an e-Stethoscope is its precision in diagnosis. First, it offers you amplified sounds, which makes the sound of auscultation clear for the medical practitioners. That comes in handy when the auscultation’s sound is low or the practitioner has a hearing issue. Investing in an electronic dualhead stethoscope ensures that you wouldn’t have to worry about not catching the sound.  Many stethoscopes also offer a visualized phonogram, all you will have to do is connect your stethoscope with your phone, and you can check the readings instantly.

Get Quick Second Opinion

Another benefit of using an e-Stethoscope is that it makes it easier for the practitioner to get a second opinion on the diagnosis. All they have to do is record the auscultation via an app and send it to another expert via the internet. But that is just not it; you can also share the auscultation of a patient with another doctor online by connecting it to a loudspeaker. So, it does not matter how far the doctor is; you can always get their live opinion with this feature.

Avoid Sending Patients to Specialists

If you are a general physician and a family doctor to plenty of families, then you would not have to constantly send your patients to a specialist. Back in the day, a general physician will only diagnose a few common conditions and will send you to a specialist for proper diagnosis. With the introduction of the e-Stethoscope, this has also changed largely. The diagnosis is more detailed and precise, which makes it easier for the general practitioner to provide the right treatment. Even if they cannot understand immediately, they can get a second opinion on it without wasting much time.

Creates Auscultation Record of Patient

Another great benefit of using an e-Stethoscope is that it helps the medical practitioner to create a profile for that patient and save their auscultation report. This allows the practitioner to keep track of the patient’s health and record their progress towards wellness. That way, the practitioner will never face any confusion identifying whether the patient’s condition is improving or not. Keeping track of the auscultation is vital because if it’s getting worse, the doctor can immediately identify and advise treatment accordingly.

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