3 Ways Drinking Problems Can Come Back Home

Updated on June 8, 2020

The people drinking in the bars all night, and other places during the day is not only affecting themselves but everyone around as well. Their drunkenness is affecting their families, coworkers, friends, and everyone they come in contact with. The addicts barely realize this because they are lost in a world of their own.

Many problems can arise from drinking too much, but here are the alcoholism effects on families.

Physical and Mental Abuse

One of the common effects of alcohol is anger and rage. Not only that, but people under the influence often tend to be less caring and act out even over little things. When a drunk comes home late at night and their partner tells them off for drinking again, the addict might get violent.

The violence that is caused due to the alcohol will leave not only physical bruises, but also mental scars. The victim of the beatings will be afraid for their life, and might even leave their spouse for being an addict.

It can get much worse if the victim is the addict’s child, as it can make them think very negatively of their parent. Not only that, but they might attack their drunk parent next time around as well. Seeing one of their parents beat the other one while intoxicated can also leave the child mentally scarred for life. 

Frequent Health Problems

Many health problems can arise from consuming a lot of liquor, starting at the bar. People get too drunk and end up in fights all the time. It might be because of inappropriate behavior, or their rage might come out due to insignificant things. That can lead to conflicts, which end in cuts, bruises, broken bones, and a range of health issues.

As mentioned above, domestic abuse is associated with alcoholism. The results of which can lead to a significant number of health problems. 

Not only these, but the alcoholics’ own health keeps deteriorating with every drink. Furthermore, the more money they spend on liquor, the less they eat healthy foods.

Empty Bank Accounts and Debts

An addict is a person who consumes their poison daily and in significant amounts. For all that drinking, the addict needs a lot of money to keep the liquor coming. That is where the finances start to drain. 

The addict might start by using their own money. Once that is finished, they might begin borrowing from their partner, friends, and anyone else who can lend them some cash. When no one is giving anymore, they will resort to other methods, such as stealing from their partner’s purse, skimming money at work, or even stealing booze from liquor stores.

It even goes down to stealing kid’s school fees. Many addicts even end up asking their kids to half the lunch money their other parent gave them. 

The situation keeps escalating until they end up in jail or beaten up badly for trying to steal from someone. That may seem like a low point, but it can still get much worse. 

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