3 Ways Doctors Can Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Updated on December 3, 2019

There’s a lot of information out there about how people can help raise money for and spread awareness about breast cancer. Health care professionals also play a role in this action, and they can do a lot for the cause. Here are three ways doctors can raise breast cancer awareness. 

Encourage Mammograms

The earlier breast cancer is identified, the easier it is to treat, which is why encouraging mammograms is one of the best ways doctors can raise breast cancer awareness. It’s important to talk to female patients about when and how often they should get mammograms. When you perform these procedures, help your patients feel as comfortable as possible so that they’re more likely to make it a routine part of their health care. 

Put Up Literature 

Information is a powerful ally. Make resources about breast cancer, such as signs or pamphlets, easily accessible within your facility. Placing brochures in the waiting room allows patients to educate themselves on their own time. You can also hang posters with infographics or links to websites with more information. You don’t have to stop at your physical office, either—if your clinic has a social media page, posting helpful links or articles there is a great way to allow important information to reach a wider audience.

Participate in Fundraisers

Multiple cancer research and fundraising groups are active throughout the year. If you can, have your office participate in one of these organizations’ events. You can join a walk to raise money or run a booth at an event to hand out information. Chances are, there are plenty of local organizations you could support. In October, many sports teams have “pink nights” where they raise money for breast cancer research. In short, whether you’re looking to fundraise online or host your own event, these ideas can help you pay for the cost of treatment, research and raise awareness.

Seeking out these opportunities and participating in them is a proactive way to contribute to the cause. Remember that, although October is certainly when people are most interested in the topic of breast cancer, the issue continues throughout the year—and so should these practices. 

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