3 Tips To Buy The Right Weighted Blanket For Good Health!

Updated on September 25, 2020

Why are weighted blankets popular in the market today? Healthcare experts say they are ideal for combatting stress, anxiety and insomnia naturally. They can be used daily to improve serotonin levels in the body that are essential to the production of melatonin -a chemical that regulates the sleeping patterns in the body. Weighted blankets use a special kind of therapy called the Deep Touch Pressure. 

These blankets provide pressure on your body uniformly. It gives you the feeling that you are being hugged or held while asleep. Weighted blankets have been effective in inducing sleep, and this is why they are widely sought after in the market today. These blankets are ideal for both children and adults. There are different sizes available in the market for you to buy. 

Tips for buying the perfect weighted blanket

When it comes to buying the perfect weighted blanket for your home needs, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Buy the right weighted blanket for yourself – You need to buy the right weight and size of the blanket to enjoy its true benefits. Experts say that when you are in the market looking for the right weighted blanket, choose a blanket that is 10% of your body weight or a pound or two higher. The same rule also applies to children if you are buying weighted blankets for them in the market too. For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should buy a weighted blanket for 18 pounds or so.

2. Invest in top brands- Weighted blankets last for a very long time if you invest in a reliable brand. Make a list of the top brands that sell weighted blankets in your area. Visit their online websites or drop into their local stores to get an idea of their price and quality. Good brands invest in all materials, and with them, you can enjoy the optimal benefits of weighted blanket therapyfor your needs. Compare the different products available online and go through their product description carefully. 

3. Read customer reviews and testimonials before you buy the product– Before you buy weighted blankets go through customer reviews and testimonials online. Reading honest reviews give you an insight into the pros and cons of a product. This will be your guide when you are buying weighted blankets in the market. 

4. Compare prices and warranties- When you are buying weighted blankets in the market, compare the different prices of the products available for your needs. Choose a blanket that is within your budget. Do not opt for very cheap products- you will not get the desired benefits of the weighted blanket if the product is too cheap. Choose a product that offers you fair prices. 

When you are using weighted blankets, make sure you take care of them well. Do not use a weighted blanket for a child under one year of age. It is prudent to buy blankets for children when they are a little older. Make sure you use the blanket daily for better quality sleep; however make sure that you do not cover your mouth or nose with it while you are sleeping.

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