3 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know

Updated on October 1, 2019

You might have already come across the extracts if you are getting used to the Kratom world. As a new user, you should know that the Kratom extract can be effective even in fewer quantities and that it is more potent than the normal powder. So there are several points and tips that you must know about Kratom extracts that might be helpful for you to use the extracts well in the best way possible. If you have heard of a vendor called Kay Botanicals, they specialize in wonderful Kratom extracts, where their Platinum Kay is the top-selling product in the market. They even provide complete information on Kratom extracts and on the ways by which it could be used for efficiency and wellness. So, you can always visit their online site to get more information on the same. However, this post aims at addressing three main Kratom extract tips that every user must know.

Origin of Kratom extracts

Extracts are produced in a lot of different ways where the dried Kratom leaves or the powder is used in most cases. However, as the name suggests, the most important process is the extraction that makes sure that the strained resultant is rich in potency. So how is it done? Kratom leaves are taken from the Kratom plant and they are harvested and dried when the time is right. These leaves are put in a huge boiling pot along with ethanol and it is made to boil for a long time. Once it starts boiling the alkaloids in the leaves are extracted from the leaves and then the liquid is strained. 

The strained liquid is taken and it is heated again. With this repeated process, the resultant becomes very concentrated and it allowed drying after spraying. This extract now is many times potent and concentrated than the leaves taken to do this. You might see the X letter with a number for extracts. It usually means the potency by volume. For example, if an extract is called 5x, 5grams of Kratom leaves were used to produce 1 gram of Kratom extract is what that means. So, the potency an concentration of 5 grams of Kratom leaves will be present even in that 1 gram of extract.

How is it consumed?

It is normally consumed as it is with tea or any other edible product but you will have to make sure you stay on course with the dosing levels of the extracts. Kratom extracts should be consumed in particular doses and hence, by joining various communities out there, you can make sure which one would be the right value for you. Also, vendors like Kay Botanicals provide a dosing guide to their customers based on the customer’s health conditions and other factors.

At Kay Botanicals, the extraction process is done in a remarkable way since the Kratom leaves are sourced from authentic sources and then the ethanol-water is boiled with these leaves put into them for the blend. Hours of heat and precision separates the wonderful alkaloids and now this liquid that comes after this step is again strained every now and then until the liquid is sprayed and then crystallized. Once the crystals come up, they are dried and the amazing extracts are processed and packed for sale to the customers.

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