3 Exciting Healthcare Technology Companies to Watch in 2022

Updated on January 23, 2022

Experts expect the health technology market to hold a value of $410 billion by 2025. Digital healthcare will drive much of this growth. This comes through better understanding and the ability to provide more personal care.

Investments in healthcare startup companies reached $80.6 billion in 2020. And that figure has only grown since then. These new companies change the industry by following healthcare technology trends.

Patients depend upon advances in health technology to improve their day-to-day lives. Here’s a look at three healthcare technology companies driving innovation in 2022. 

1. AI-Talos Innovation Inc.

AI-Talos is a healthcare startup that offers a breast cancer prediction tool. This digital healthcare application uses artificial intelligence to help patients. Machine learning and image processing aid in the accurate analysis of patient thermograms. 

This is one of the most cutting-edge healthcare technology companies today. The users upload scans so the AI can provide precise risk measurements. The program groups the cases based on risk levels. This helps doctors and patients know when to start treatment. 

The Talos App helps patients check their breasts for any sign of a potential problem. The company says it’s as easy as taking a selfie.

2. Tempus Oncology

Tempus built a high-end platform for analytics and sequencing. This platform helps doctors make data-driven decisions for precision cancer treatment. Applied AI makes this one of the most exciting healthcare technology companies.

Tempus gives patients access to cutting-edge trials close to home. The platform analyzes a patient’s genetic data. This helps the doctor make those important choices. 

These targeted therapies represent the newest healthcare technology trends. Tempus helps deliver personalized care. It uses the treatment of previous patients to help make new choices.


NAOMI provides a new and important option for virtual mental health. It’s a smartphone app on which users choose what area they want to work. Options include anger, anxiety, depression, and stress, among others. 

This platform helps people who are dealing with difficult moments. The app allows users to be anonymous. This lessens the stress for many people worried about their own mental health.

NAOMI stands out among healthcare technology companies with its platform. Users answer questions that force them to think and create solutions. The app can connect users with certified therapists should the need arise. 

Other biopharmaceutical companies continue to make exciting breakthroughs as well. They do so in digital healthcare and health technology.

Healthcare Technology Companies News and More

Healthcare technology companies drive change and development. Patients depend upon them to help with personal care.

These companies expand what is possible in health technology and digital healthcare. Patients enjoy the benefits of healthcare technology trends, helping their doctors make decisions. 

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