3 Easy Ways to Restore Your Overall Health

Updated on April 20, 2020

When times get tough, your stress and anxiety can manifest in all aspects of your life. When one area of your health is suffering, it can take a serious toll on the rest. Whether you’re dealing with added stress at home, an increase in pressure at work, or coping with a new diagnosis, there are ways to handle the uncertainties. Here are three easy ways to restore your health — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sound Body, Sound Mind

In a world of fast food, instant gratification, and high-speed technology, it can be hard to focus on your physical health. You might not even realize a decline in health as it occurs, and feel suddenly worn out and fatigued. Improper diet, lack of downtime, and an urge to do more have lasting effects on your body. When you fail to eat the foods your body needs and indulge in every craving it wants, you deprive yourself of essential nutrients.


Your physical health is supported best when it’s kept on a regular schedule. If you maintain a balanced diet and set a consistent “bedtime” and morning alarm, you’ll see a steady increase in the quality of your sleep. Try natural remedies like pure spectrum CBD, herbal teas, and daily supplements to aid in deficiencies or imbalances. Set aside time, even if it’s only 30 minutes each day to sit and do something that brings you joy. Whether you take time to read, write, or simply meditate, unwinding is crucial to keeping important functions in a healthy condition. Your blood pressure, stress hormones, and heart rate are healthiest with a balance of work and play.

Heart and Soul

If you have your physical health in order but you’re still feeling unwell, the culprit could be an emotional or spiritual imbalance. You could be so accustomed to your hectic schedule that you don’t realize the damage it’s doing on your health. While it’s important to hold some semblance of productivity, gaging your level of success by your achievements can lead to serious burnout and illness. Set reasonable goals, both short and long term. When you set achievable objectives for your life and pair them with tangible steps, you’ll find yourself in a healthy pattern of efficiency.


Be sure to incorporate daily practices that feed both your heart and soul. If you enjoy the outdoors, take frequent walks or hikes with friends. Even a fifteen-minute stroll around your block can reset your energy to conquer your next set of tasks. If you’re a social butterfly, find ways to interact in groups that have similar interests. Join a local book club, create a social media group for your hobby, or audition for the community theater. Having time set aside that’s strictly for your enjoyment and fulfillment creates balance.

Shift Your Focus

How many usable hours would you say you have on any given day? Do you keep a regimented schedule for sleep, work, and leisure? If your schedule is full of essential items and you find it difficult to make big commitments, start small. Plan time to take out your NRSV Bible, read scripture, and be encouraged by God’s word. Grab an empty journal and keep track of your daily meals and emotions and what was happening as you felt them.


Take time to look back on your days and find patterns of what causes you stress, sadness, joy, and peace. Focus on the foods you ate and how you felt afterward. Adjust the areas of your life that you give priority based on these findings. Sometimes all it takes to improve your overall health is simply evaluating it in a tangible way and making one small change at a time.

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