3 beauty tips you should consider to look glam this summer

Updated on June 13, 2019

Summer is nearly on the door, and with its arrival, we wave goodbye to cloudy days and soft spring rains. The lingering salty air of the beach, the glow of tanned skin and faint sunburns, the tired giggles, and adventurous memories will take over for the next few months. The annual excitement for summer gradually builds up as spring comes to an end. Naturally, everybody wants to feel confident and standout to live the best summer of their lives. And that is what we are here to do. Below you will find three beauty tips that will give you the confidence boost you need.

1- PRP therapy

A healthy mane of hair is crucial for the optimal summer look. Mainly that styling is nearly impossible given the heat and the humidity in those sunny months of the year. Whether you have chopped your locks into a pixie or have grown yours down to your waist, nothing beats the look of natural messy healthy hair. If you suffer from hair loss or damaged hair, there are modern hair loss treatments such as PRP therapy that can initiate hair growth and nourish your roots.

PRP therapy withdraws platelet-rich plasma from your blood and injects it back into your scalp where growth factors trigger hair growth and halt hair loss.

2- Cosmetic dentistry

Summer is all about effortless looks. In other words, you have to flaunt your natural beauty, and nothing beats a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry consists of a versatile range of sub-fields that target various issues. The good news? The results are instantaneous.

For instance, an hour-long teeth whitening session at the dentist can remove deeps stains to bring an instant glow to your pearly whites. Dental implants and veneers can realign your teeth, fix the nooks and the crannies, and replace gaps.

3- Eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow transplants are procedures that can alter the shape of the eyebrows to make them thicker, arched, curved, or any shape you desire. The results of the process, although permanent and very natural, are not immediate. It takes around six months for the transplanted hair to grow and blend with the original hair. The results are scar-free, and the procedure leaves no traces of its occurrence.

Since the results do not show instantly, you could consider this procedure later this year in preparations for the following summer.

In summary

Summer is about showing more skin, being spontaneous, feeling free and loud. While everyone is beautiful the way they are, some of us feel a bit insecure and would like an immediate confidence boost to have the summer of our dreams. PRP therapy is a great solution for hair loss problems as it nourishes the hair from the roots giving it a healthy glow. Cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and dental veneers can bring immediate improvement to your pearly whites.

On the other hand, eyebrow transplants although are a success take months to fully grow, in other words, you cannot squeeze them in last minute. However, you could instead keep them in mind to prepare for summer 2k20.

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