19 Things Learned at Providence Point During Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Order

Updated on April 30, 2020

Providence Point residents are seasoned at being resilient. They have lived through depressions and recessions, wars and weak economies, epidemics and illnesses. COVID-19 has introduced some new challenges, but the residents of this 62+ Life Plan Community in Scott Township appear to be up for the task.

After all, they proved resourceful during Providence Point’s construction project last year when detours and dust required them to modify routines and adapt to detours. The expansion included new amenities, expanded dining venues, a state-of-the-art wellness area complete with niche classes and trainers, a beautiful non-denominational chapel, and a new 70-unit residential tower. In the past few months, Providence Point welcomed more than 60 new residents to the community who moved into Hamilton Tower or one of the other existing apartment towers or spacious patio homes.

Then, just as life was hitting its new stride, and everyone was enjoying the growth and energy of the expanded community, COVID-19 hit. Though accustomed to easy access to a robust social, wellness and cultural calendar—something that might humble the Kardashians—Providence Point residents showed their resilience once again. As social distancing became the new norm, Providence Point residents quickly adapted with ideas and found new ways to stay active mentally and physically. They knew it was important to embrace the changes, and they did.  In fact, here are 19 things they are doing and learning:

– Genealogy

– Foreign languages 

– Wreath-making 

– Organizing tips

– Gardening in their second bathrooms

– Targeted exercise routines while walking campus

– Drawing and art

– Writing techniques

– Drop Box

– Zoom Hangouts 

– We Transfer 

– Facebook

– Instagram stories

– Twitter and effective tweeting

– Storytelling through journaling

– New ways to communicate with phone apps

– New recipes 

– Social distancing

– Relaxation techniques recognizing that “This too shall pass.”

Just 19 new things in a month of coping with COVID-19, learning technology and how to communicate in an era defined by computers and digital everything. They are thriving better than ever and looking forward to mastering their app that helps them completely navigate the premier living headquarters at Providence Point. 

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