14 Ways To Boost Your Spiritual Health

Updated on April 28, 2022

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When trying to put all eight dimensions of wellness together, the spiritual dimension may be the most personal. In general, people seek meaning and purpose in their lives. The best way to achieve these goals is to surround yourself with people who are harmonious.

Some benefits of Spiritual Wellness are:

  • Reduced stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cardiovascular risk
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Better focus
  • Enhanced memory and cognition

So, how can you enhance your spiritual wellness? Achieving spiritual wellness can be done in several ways, both physically and mentally, since it involves one’s values, beliefs, and purpose. Find out what works best for you. Here are fourteen ways to help you get started.

  1. Take Help

Do not fret if you’re not aware of their spiritual standing. Many people feel the same way as you do. This is why there are several spiritual guides out there who can help you identify your needs and assess your spiritual distress. A trusted figure, mentor, social worker, or counselor can also lend you a helping hand.

  1. Revive your Faith

If you’re feeling lost, consult a chaplain. These professionals will validate your feelings rather than avoid them or brush them off. You can rely on them to help you get back to your spiritual path. 

Chaplains are trained specialists who help people explore their meaning in life. From their master’s degree in spiritual care, which they obtain either on-campus or through online chaplaincy programs, they possess extensive knowledge to deal with the struggles of faith within a clinical setting.

  1. Get in touch with your spiritual side

When you explore your spiritual core, you ask yourself questions about who you are and what you mean to the world. Start by exploring who you are and what you are looking for in the world. Look deeper into what gives you hope and what things you’re most passionate about. As you seek these answers, you will gain greater insight into yourself and notice things that will help you achieve fulfillment.  

  1. Seek deeper meanings

Analyzing patterns that are occurring in your life. Seeking deeper meanings will help you understand that you have control over your destiny. Its awareness can contribute to your happiness and health.

  1. Vent out

You will be able to remain focused on what is on your mind if you express it. Often, when you have a long day or experience a significant event, you may feel confused and unable to comprehend your feelings. If you write down your thoughts, you may be able to think clearly and move forward.

  1. Practice yoga

By reducing emotional and physical stress on the mind and body, yoga can improve your spiritual well-being. A yoga practice can be adapted to a variety of levels and be beneficial to lowering stress, boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and even aiding in sleep. 

  1. Taking a trip

You can do wonders for your mind by traveling to a new or comforting place. Having a place where you can rest and your mind can be free of distractions will help you reflect and gain a better understanding of yourself. It also helps eliminate stressors and puts you on the path to overall health. While on a trip, you can exercise, meditate, or take a temporary vow of silence. 

  1. Surround yourself with nature 

No matter where you live, spending time in nature can be beneficial for your spiritual health. The only way to disconnect from your troubles, your day, and your phone is to stop worrying about them. If you just take a few minutes to observe the birds, the trees in the wind, or the waves crashing on the shoreline, you can find much therapeutic relief.

  1. Keep a positive attitude

Positive thinking will lead you to think differently and refocus your mind to a happier, healthier place. You’ll be more relaxed when you eliminate negativity and rethink how you take on certain situations and things.

  1. Be of service to others

Getting involved in your communities, mentoring others, and volunteering can transform your life for the better. Consider your values and how you display them in your actions by revisiting those self-reflection questions (discussed in point no. 3). As much as volunteering helps others, thinking globally and acting locally can benefit you as well.

  1. Meditate regularly

As challenging as it can be to manage your time and daily responsibilities, it is vital that you take some time to connect with yourself. Take five to ten minutes each day to meditate, whether you do it first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or right before you go to sleep. Meditating and relaxing will help you to free your mind and strengthen your spiritual relationship.

A variety of benefits are associated with meditation, including stress reduction, increased emotional well-being, and increased self-awareness.

  1. Take a pause to reflect

Dedication is the most important part of self-care. When we’re busy and have lots to do, it can be hard to give ourselves permission to take care of our own needs, which may seem self-indulgent and “unproductive.” However, burning out can result from this kind of way of thinking, and if you have these thoughts, you are most likely neglecting your spiritual side, too.

Give yourself permission to devote ten minutes to your spiritual needs during the workday to reduce anxiety. It’s up to you whether to use this time for quiet reflection or stress reduction. In order to achieve spiritual wellness, it is vital that you give it your full attention.

  1. Take care of the body

Self-care is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs to exercise, drink water, and eat healthy to stay active. Physiological needs are at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy: In short, you must take care of your physical health before tackling spiritual wellness.

  1. Design a ritual that fits your personality

The things that matter to you are part of your spirituality, so honor them. Take this simple worksheet to create rituals or create a DIY shrine to celebrate what’s important to you.


We can easily neglect our inner lives in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world. Research has shown that spirituality–whether it is in the form of traditional religion, meditation, travel, or something else entirely–can have psychological benefits. It also affects anger management, self-esteem, and physical health.

No matter where you are in your spiritual quest, hang in there – you are on the right track.

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