12 Ways To Recruit Insurance Agents To Your Agency

Updated on September 14, 2021

In recent years, organizations selling all types of insurance policies have gained significant ground in the market. But, only some cut. That’s because of the quality of employees an organization bears. If an insurance company has trained, experienced, and loyal insurance agents, they will not have anything to worry about. However, for the new ones, one of the biggest challenges is to recruit insurance agents for their agencies. 

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Since different agencies have different sellable factors and points, the requirement of an adaptable agent becomes vital as they can blend in with the company policies without any hassle. Moreover, experienced insurance agents are expensive and demand a fine monthly figure along with incentives. But, when you are short-staffed and require to follow up with existing potentials, you might want to look for easy ways to find such agents from Salesforce Consulting Services. What would you do? Look for specific qualities in an agent, then adhere to several ways of recruiting them. Remember, finding good insurance agents is difficult, but if you know the ways and tips through which you can carry out the recruitment, it will work best in both the internal and external interests. So, let’s do a quick rundown of some of the ways you can hire/recruit insurance agents for your agency.

  1. Look for local colleges.

Local colleges have specific departments that specialize in placements. Students enrolled under courses that revolve around management and sales often get themselves registered in that department. The placement departments ensure that whenever an organization enters the university to find potential candidates, the registered students can get an opportunity to interact with the organizations or even apply for their positions.

When looking for candidates or applicants in a vocational school or a local college, companies like Gerber Insurance company set the standard high and put specific requirements.This assures top quality young candidates that can be groomed into talented professionals over time.

  1. LinkedIn can help.

These days, every organization has a corporate LinkedIn account. For starters, it is a social media platform where you can run your organization’s account and post job vacancies as either status updates or a job opening. Since LinkedIn is known for building connections with people, CEOs, CMOs, and many high profiles, you can look for candidates by searching the field of interest. 

When you find the connection, send a personal message, asking them to submit their resumes or anything that qualifies them for the vacant insurance agent position. You can even type job titles, experience, etc. to look for potential candidates.

  1. Recruit through a specialist recruitment agency.

At times, most of the insurance companies do not have the time to conduct a recruitment session. In such a situation, they hire specialist recruitment agencies to assist in the recruitment of potential candidates. Such a process can be a bit expensive. Still, one needs to realize that recruitment agencies handle the challenging objectives of finding potentials to recruiting the right candidate for your organization. If you take their assistance for a short period, it will cost you a lot more.

  1. Find potential candidates on other social platforms.


While you have already looked over how LinkedIn works, it is time to see how platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter work. Facebook and Instagram, with time, have become revenue-generating platforms. The integration of business algorithms has made both of these platforms accessible and useful for new-comers and businesses. 

Companies can now place ads on both of them, stating their requirements, and set a budget for a specific number of days. One can also take the help of Facebook forms in placing a specified ad for potential candidates to fill before applying for the vacant position.

  1. Hire freelance agents.

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Sometimes an organization cannot afford a full-time employee, so they instead go for freelance agents. In reality, freelancers tend to find their approach to enter the market and deliver outputs. In such a process, the insurance company only has to bother about the sales role of the individual working as a freelance insurance agent. Moreover, freelance agents have a natural inclination towards becoming self-starters.

  1. Search for potential candidates with a background in sales and marketing.

An insurance job comes with several challenges like rejections, last-minute pull-overs, and whatnot? Furthermore, insurance agents are salespeople. Sales experts also recommend that an insurance company hire an insurance agent with a sales and marketing background. That’s because the insurance industry is about retaining clients. An experienced candidate also has the potential to mold into the ideas of the employer to sell policies.

  1. Observe their attitude.

The first and foremost job of an organization is to discard those with a bad attitude. The same goes for newly appointed candidates as well. The attitude is one such aspect that you cannot change overnight. Moreover, a salesperson needs to have a positive and optimistic attitude. Insurance organizations believe in building trust and loyalty and like to retain their existing clients. So, an insurance agent with a negative attitude is more of a liability.

  1. Be truthful and upfront on sales expectations.

When it comes to your sales expectations, make sure that you are truthful and upfront about them while recruiting an insurance agent. This will help them understand what you require and give them a clear picture of the job they need to do. You can also track the sales data and show it to the agent along with some of the commission terms for them to have a realistic understanding.

  1. Post the vacancy on recruitment websites.

Posting a job vacancy on recruitment websites is one of the easiest ways to hire a potential candidate. Since such websites are third parties, you might also have to buy a premium space to feature the job ad in the top half of any search. Moreover, this will save a lot of money and time.

  1. Get your existing staff involved.

In an organization, the existing employees/staff members are highly knowledgeable about the requirements. Involving them in the recruitment procedure will give you an edge and extra hands in getting the right candidate for an insurance agent position. This way, you do not have to brief an outsider to hire someone for your organization. 

  1. Get in touch with an unemployment office.

While some of the unemployment office applicants are just collecting unemployment cheques, you never know who you might come across. All you have to do is, provide a minimum qualification and a clear picture of what you are looking for in a potential candidate. Even though you need to be careful about this idea of recruiting someone, this should come as your last resort.

  1. Develop a ‘careers page’ on your organization’s website.

Several companies in the market have ‘we’re hiring’ statements on their website and not exactly hiring. This is to land a psychological impact against competitors that they are growing and building. However, this does not mean that viewers, readers, or potential candidates do not check these spaces on any organization’s website. To start with, you can create a page with ‘careers’ on the top and enlist the vacant roles for potential candidates.

Final Thoughts

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Hiring the most suitable candidate for an insurance agent role is challenging. You have to look for their background in sales and marketing, but you also have to ensure that they have the convincing experience to sell and retain in the same process. Furthermore, to recruit such a candidate, you might have to check some of the ways you conduct the hiring process. So, here are twelve of the ways you can check.

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