12 High-Paying Careers For Fitness Enthusiasts 

Updated on January 8, 2020

Do you find yourself having a keen interest in fitness? Have you considered turning this passion into a successful career?

The fitness industry is an excellent platform to kickstart your career. There are several jobs available that will advance your passion and allow you to make money while doing it. In this post, we are sharing the most rewarding jobs in the fitness industry. 

1. Nutritionist

Do you enjoy learning about food and nutrition? A nutritionist is an expert in this field. This job involves advising people on what to eat in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle or other specific health goals. You can either work for an institution such as schools and hospitals or start your own practice.

2. Physical Education Teacher

If you’re good with kids and love fitness, becoming a physical education teacher is an excellent option for you. It’s a great platform to shape young minds and teach them the importance of exercise. You would require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for such a position. 

3. Personal Trainer

Do you find yourself helping others in the gym? This skill can be your ticket to becoming a personal trainer. A personal trainer has the knowledge and skills to design effective fitness programs to fit their clients’ fitness goals. 

BodyAid Solutions offers courses for a personal fitness trainer in Manchester. After completing a certified course, you can start your own practice or work for a fitness centre. 

4. Physical Therapist

Physical training is bound to cause some injuries. Physical Therapist or PTs help injured people recover. They design and implement programs to improve movement and manage pain. In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree, you would be required to complete a Doctor or a Physical Therapy Degree program at the very least to become a qualified physical therapist.

5. Fitness Influencer

Social media has opened up an unprecedented career avenue. From mainstream expertise to niche interests, everything can be broadcasted and monetised. 

So why not take this opportunity to showcase your love for fitness? You can start a fitness Youtube channel, an Instagram account or share your experience on a blog. 

6. Fitness Manager

Apart from the instructors, there are behind-the-scenes jobs that are indispensable for a fitness club. A fitness manager is one such job. It involves taking care of the administrative tasks and ensuring that the club runs smoothly. Being a certified personal trainer is a must for this position. 

7. Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer is a professional in the field of sports medicine who works closely with sportspersons. Their responsibilities include applying protective devices, recognising injuries, providing emergency care, developing rehabilitation programs for injured athletes and more. To become one, you need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training. 

8. Sports Massage Therapist

As previously mentioned, injuries are inevitable in sports and physical training. A sports massage therapist treats injured and strained muscles. They help athletes recover after a strenuous training session. 

9. Pilates Instructor

Pilates continues to be a popular workout. Becoming a Pilates instructor requires you to complete a certified Pilates course. You can start by working for an established fitness centre and then move on to start your own studio. 

10. Sports Journalist

Many people enjoy watching sports, but do you have the knack for assessing sporting events? If you can put a pen to paper, then you should consider sports journalism. From working in traditional media to starting your own blog, there are several possibilities. 

11. Wellness Coach

Fitness consists of both physical and emotional wellness. A wellness coach helps assess clients’ physical and emotional state and helps them set and achieve overall wellness. 

12. Spinning Instructor

Spin classes have evolved over the years into one of the most popular workouts. In theory, being a spin instructor might sound simple, but don’t be mistaken. You’d be responsible to keep the energy high and ensure that all students use proper form.

As it’s true for most fields, there’s no mantra for instant success in the fitness industry. You must work hard and consistently to make your dreams a reality.

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