10 Ways To Reduce Your Nerve Pain

Updated on April 24, 2021

Out of all the annoying pains that we could experience as we grow older, one of the most annoying is definitely nerve pain. The thing that makes nerve pain so difficult to deal with is that we cannot directly have nerves treated the way that we can with our musculoskeletal system.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can try if you are desperate to relieve your nerve pain. Here are some of the best and most proven methods.

Plenty of sleep

When our bodies experience any kind of pain, the first and foremost remedy is always plenty of rest and recuperation. In fact, one of the many uses of sleep is not only to reset the mind, but it is also to give the body time to heal naturally. When you are sleeping everything in your body tones down and all of your metabolic functions come to halt. 

Better posture

If your nerve pain comes from the neck or the back, one of the reasons you could be having these pains is that you are simply pinching the nerves with your bad posture. The good news is this is something that you can easily correct, just have better posture and maintain it and you will see these problems decrease. 


There are plenty of supplements for nerve pain that are available for you to purchase. Some of the best supplements that you can buy if you want a healthy but sure way of slowly relieving your nerve pain are those that contain fish oils and B vitamins. 


Splints can be an effective tool for nerve pain because it keeps the injured part of the body in a position that will allow it to heal over time naturally. If you do not have splints and the injured part of the body is allowed to move freely, the odds of the recovery process being slower will increase.


This is probably the most enjoyable treatment for nerve pain because massage therapists are trained to pinpoint the areas of the body that are causing the discomfort. If you have nerve pain in your neck or back, a massage therapist has probably seen that plenty of times before and knows exactly what to do to treat that area.


Another thing that you can try to relieve your nerve pain without having to buy something is just by stretching. Stretching allows your muscles and bones to align in their correct positions reducing the odds that they could be pinching your nerves. Stretching daily is a small and simple step towards the right direction and is very easy and quick to do.

Spine-friendly chairs

Since you will probably be working all day, make sure you have a chair that supports your back firmly so that your nerves will not be pinched when you get yourself into uncomfortable positions. 

Elevate your legs

We have all experienced the sharp and stinging pain from the nerves of our lower body when we stand up after our legs were folded. Avoid this by always elevating and stretching your legs out no matter what your position is. 

Ice packs

Of course, an ice pack will help reduce the pain by naturally and safely numbing the part of the body in question.

Living a healthier lifestyle

Lastly, the best remedy of all for nerve pain is just by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a well balanced diet. Whereas every other solution in this list were cures, there is nothing that beats good old fashioned prevention. Not only will a healthier lifestyle prevent nerve pains but will allow you to be the best possible version of yourself, in all aspects!

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