10 Ways I Totally Enjoy My Day from My Couch

Updated on October 15, 2019

Let’s be honest- everyone has those days where the desire to leave the couch just seems unbearable. You’ve had a long week.  It’s incredibly hot outside. It’s painfully cold outside. You don’t feel like getting up. You have the world’s most comfortable couch.  Whatever it might be, there’s certainly no shame in taking a day to sit back, and just park right on that awesome couch sitting in your living room. 

Just because you’ve decided to give yourself permission to relax on your couch all day doesn’t mean you need to be bored.  Pull up your laptop, grab a couple of snacks, and begin to find all the ways you can entertain yourself today. 

1.     Make some money!

Have you got a creative talent you think you could use to bring in a little extra cash?  With a crowdfunding source, you can share your skills and creativity while also bringing in some income.  Users include podcasters, writers, journalists, musicians, content creators, non-profits, and tutorial/DIY-ers.  Find an outlet for yourself utilizing a safe, productive space with which to share what you have to offer. 

2.    Learn something new and interesting. 

Just because you’re going to spend the day on the couch, doesn’t mean you need to make it entirely unproductive! From YouTube videos to online tutorials, there are plenty of options where you can find something useful for free.  With classes for children, teenagers, and adults, you can study anything from trigonometry to personal finance to entrepreneurship to computer programming and coding. Who knows? One of them could be a career game-changer for you.  Refresh some old skills or learn something entirely brand new. This program is a non-profit that has been providing internet users with thorough, instructor-led classes with planned curriculum for more than a minute. Take a look!

3.    Read some of the greatest classics. 

There are some of those book titles we all know: Treasure Island, or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Frankenstein, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Little Women or The Iliad. Some might be boring; some might be the greatest book you’ve never read. Reading is one of the greatest exercises you can do for your brain. Not to mention  how impressive it sounds to respond with a book title when people ask what you did yesterday. With thousands of downloadable books and hundreds upon hundreds of titles, you will surely find something to pique your interest.  Oh! and all these titles are free, legal downloads. 

4.     Laugh through some AFV classics. 

It’s no mystery that YouTube has some of the funniest, richest video content available.  It’s simply not that hard to find something to make you laugh, cry, or think things over.  Watch videos like this compilation bit of some of the best moments from the television show, America’s Funniest Home Videos. Watch as it brings back a touch of nostalgia with the old-school footage, 90’s hairstyle throwbacks, and classic human error. To get the best reception, check out some of these TV antennas.

5. Read some e-comic books. 

Did you know Marvel has a whole collection of digital distributions of comic book classics? You can also purchase some newer digital comics.  Spend the day reliving the past or enjoying some new treasures once you’ve scrolled through their wide-selection of options. 

6. Discover some things about yourself. 

The Meyers-Briggs personality test is one of the best methods for identifying and understanding the wealth of personalities that exist in the world. The questions are thorough and comprehensive, and when you have finished the test, you learn what type of personality you have. These include titles like the Adventurer, the Campaigner, the Protagonist, the Executive, and so forth. It allows us to understand ourselves just a little bit more, and to give ourselves a little more sympathy when we better understand the way we work. To give it a bit of a humorous kick, head to a site like this where you can match your personality type with identifiable fiction characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones. 

7.     Enjoy some online casino games. 

Up for a little rush of excitement?  How about a bit of brain-power, strategy, and planning? On websites like OCG, you’ll find dozens of online games, all of which  have user-friendly experiences, are fun, quick, and bring the thrill of risk!  There are plenty of options, so don’t stick with something you don’t like. Find one you’re bound to love. With minimum deposits, you can bring the mini-thrill of Vegas right into your living room.  Let’s see how quickly you can double that $20 you’re throwing in. This is definitely one of the more exciting suggestions from this list, and it is bound to get your heart rate up when you’re chilling on the couch all day. 

8. Get a good Netflix binge in.

It’s a little bit harder to justify this one, because you’re sitting still all day.  Of everything listed here, this probably requires the least brainpower. But a real Netflix binge does take determination.  It takes dedication and it takes commitment. Hard to pick one because there are hundreds and hundreds of titles on there, but luckily, someone has narrowed the selection for us! Pro-tip: a good rule of thumb to follow is if you aren’t hooked in the first three episodes, move on with your life. 

9. Find a new podcast. 

Podcasts are great right now, people are listening to them and people are making them.  They can teach you something, they can give you a moment to pause and think, they can challenge you, or they can simply entertain you. There are thousands of podcasts out right now, ranging in everything from murder mysteries to celebrity interviews to cooking and dining to parenting to comedy.  Truly, there’s something for everyone. Time magazine has a list of some of the greatest podcasts of 2019. They’re all new, with topics from every subject you can think of, so you’re bound to be interested in one of them. 

10. Do some online shopping. 

There are some days we have a little extra cash to burn.  Or maybe, as a result of success with items #1 and #3 on this list you want to splurge a bit after your successful wins. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with a bit of online shopping, whether for things you need or simply things you want. You could even challenge yourself to find something that isn’t available on Amazon (they have everything, don’t they?). 

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