10 Signs a Girl Is Interested in You Romantically

Updated on December 3, 2020

Usually, you don’t need to be a body language expert to determine who likes and doesn’t like you. But in love, we tend to get blind as a bat. Sometimes, your logic and critical thinking are blurred out with concern, self-loathing, and other insecurities. But if you want to date (for example, Russian girls), you have to understand the mentality of a woman who’s interested in you. Here is how to do it. Here is how to do it.

How To Tell If She Really Likes You

1. She dedicates her time to you

We don’t give out limited resources to people we don’t like. If a girl likes you, she most definitely wants to see you more often, be in your eyesight, cross paths, etc. For this, try to experiment by asking a simple request. Ask for a cup of coffee or a casual walk. A girl that likes you will pretend to be busier to appear serious and

businessy but won’t lead you on for weeks. She will fear to lose you if she waits long enough.

2. You often meet her glance

And this is not coincidental. If you catch a girl looking at you more than two times, there could be plenty of reasons. She might have OCD, be spaced out, curious, looking at the stain on your shirt. But let’s hope for the best and assume she likes you a lot. You know how hard it is to keep your glance away from eye candy. So when a girl pays you attention, it is a good sign.

3. She teases you

Women are masterminds in manipulation, so it is natural for her to flaunt a new skirt, make a flirty remark, or show you are not the only candidate. But all that effort must tell you she does it for a genuine reason. Even if this attention is negative and provocative, no one puts all that effort to impress a stranger.

4. She shows it with body language

There are hundreds upon hundreds of articles on how to expose her attraction by looking at her body language. You can spend years studying that topic, but if the girl gets closer to you, poses, accentuates her backside and other facets, touches you, and talks with open gestures, it is no rocket science. That’s all you got to know.

5. She helps you out

If a woman wants to bring you coffee, give you a ride, or help you with paperwork without the annoyance on her face, be sure she likes you a lot. We don’t give out too much help to unpleasant people. So if she is ready to help emotionally, financially, physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually, this woman would like to make you feel good wholeheartedly.

6. She acts funny

If you spot weird mood changes, sudden sexual energy or rigidness, uncontrollable smiling, or coldness, it means that she feels some type of way about you. But to detect this, you need to know how your interest behaves among other people.

7. She reaches out first

This one doesn’t apply every time because all people are different. But a person who likes you would most definitely want to initiate the contact just to know you better, get some details about your life, remember this time and play it out in her head.

8. She plays games

Even if she is not a gamer type, a little cat and mouse action won’t hurt a starting romance. If she leaves early, texts you to answer in two days, initiates the contact, and then disappears, it is a sign that she wants to envoke that hunter instinct in you, making you chase her.

9. She talks about you with your friends

If your mutual environment starts giving you stares and smiles, it is a good sign she asks about you, trying to get out as much information as possible. Sometimes our environment notices things faster than we might grasp.

10. She flirts and makes sexual jokes

A girl won’t play a nympho if she’s uncomfortable. So making sexual jokes and explicit remarks is a direct hint she wants you to know her freaky side.

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