10 Habits to Stay Healthy after 40

Updated on December 10, 2019

Studies show that the average divorce age stands at 30. So at 40 chances are high you have experienced divorce at least once. One thing remains you wouldn’t allow past experiences to define your future. You are looking into dating again and finding love afresh. One gets onto a cougar dating site but one thing tugs at our mind. 

You are no longer as young as you used to be but hope to maintain your youthful appearance. Is such a thing possible? The answer to this question is yes, it’s possible. You can maintain your youthful figure and appearance even after clocking 40 years of age. And No, it doesn’t require surgery to do it either. By imbibing the following habits into your lifestyle, you are sure to stay young-looking and healthy as you cross the threshold of 40.

10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Young-Looking While Divorce Dating 

Drop Unhealthy Habits

As you look to pick up new habits you would need to drop some of your previous habits that aren’t healthy. Quit smoking or frequenting the undersized of a bottle. Though dropping these habits might be difficult, enlist for professional help to guide you through the process. 

Negative habits don’t end with taking alcohol and smoking, but also includes habits that can become addictions. Such as gambling, extensive gaming, shopping, etc. 

Ample Sleep 

Get enough sleep. Your body is no longer how it used to be and can’t have you pulling late nights like you used to. Having a regular sleep pattern is also as important as getting enough sleep. Avoid late nights as much as possible. The recommended sleep hour stands at seven-eight hours, so you should be in bed by 10 pm and get at least eight hours of sleep.

De-Stress More Often

Find a meditation method that helps to calm your mind. Relax and unwind more often. Listen to soothing music, perform breathing exercises or any other form of meditation. A daily meditation practice can reduce anxiety, lower stress, and provide valuable insight.

Stay Hydrated 

About 75% of our is fluids. Keep your body youthful by taking in lots of water. Don’t go too long hours without it, especially if you are stepping out into the sun or performing heavy-duty work.

Eating Healthy Should Be Your Watchword

Eat healthily, avoid foods rich in lipids or sugar. Therefore any eating habit of junk foods or canned foods should be thrown out the window. Cook frequently and make fruits and vegetables a staple in your diet. Take dairy products to help maintain ideal levels of calcium in your bones. 

Eating doesn’t stop at what you eat but also extends to when you eat. Eat after about an hour after waking up. Avoid late-night meals. Ideally, eat in about two hours before going to bed. So set your date night to anywhere around 7 pm.

Eat between 4 to 6 hours apart.

Exercise Often 

Hit the gym, make early morning runs, or do anything that keeps you active. Exercises help keep us in shape and burn excess calories. When we were young, we naturally tended to be hyperactive. One would hardly see an ounce of extra fat on our body. Why? Our activities help to burn them out. Now sitting on the couch for hours seems too alluring to pass up. 

One thing to note before exercising is exercise intensity. Avoid high-intensity exercises, your muscles can’t take that much stress or strain anymore. Perform exercises that don’t require you working too hard. 

Have Multiple Dates with Your Physician

Visit the doctor regularly. As we grow older our body tends to undergo multiple changes and often become more susceptible to diseases. So make it a habit of checking in with your physician. A bonus is a fact that early detection of illness and medical conditions is vital to curing or putting them in check.

Avoid Stressful Situations

It’s a well-known fact that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Avoid situations that stress you out. This means taking up heavy workloads, frequently getting into spats, or holding a grudge for too long are habits that to refrain from. 

Stay in Touch with Loved Ones 

Staying healthy is also a thing of the mind. Surround yourself with loved ones and make out time to visit. Expand your circle of friends so you can increase the chances of smiles you get in a day. 

Keep the Right Mindset

Now we are down to the most important habit of all, having the right mindset. Nothing keeps you healthier and younger than feeling healthier and younger. Come to terms with the changes in your body and appreciate them.

With these tips in mind, you get to take on the world even after 40 with the same glow and energy you had in your youthful years. 

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