The Importance and Impact of Nursing

Photo caption: Dr. Nancy Grove of the Conemaugh Auxiliary presents Jolyn Gontis with a scholarship.

By Jolyn Gontis
Senior Nursing Student
Conemaugh School of Nursing

Growing up, I’ve learned that you cannot change what goes on in a person’s life, but you can make a difference in his or her time of despair and need. This is something you unquestionably have control over, and it is this that has made me choose nursing as a career.

About a year ago, I went on a mission trip to Haiti in relief of the earthquake. While I was there, I saw numerous medical tents and countless volunteers. This truly inspired me. I wanted to be able to help the unwell. Although I was unable to personally help the sick or cure anyone, I was able to make a difference. Some of the things I participated in were feeding the hungry, building a school, and teaching subsistence and self-reliance. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the horrible living conditions. By the end of the week, I realized I wanted to be a nurse.

While contemplating my future plans I came to the realization that I want to further my education after graduation from Conemaugh School of Nursing. It is also my wish to gain experience as a nurse and to use it one day volunteering abroad helping the destitute.

By pursuing a career in nursing, I could make a difference in the world. Various bonds form when you help people who cannot help themselves; bonds of spoken and unspoken gratitude. It is a gift knowing that you have just touched a life.

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