How IT Innovations Are Changing and Improving the Healthcare Industry

By Theresa Zataveski We live in a world in which every aspect of our life is fueled by technology. The healthcare industry is no different. Behind every healthcare solution is a technological innovation that transforms the way patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers interact. Case in point, you can now chat with a nurse at 2 … Read more

Outsourcing Trends in Life Sciences – Why These Partnerships Matter

By Kevin Connolly Healthcare insiders know that the industry is undergoing unprecedented change and companies and providers alike must adjust to new challenges and opportunities. Although outsourcing of various services was always a standard industry practice, there has been a recent, noticeable shift in the type and the number of services companies are delegating to … Read more

Safeguarding Patient Data 

By Tom Browning Data – not only does it continue to be one of the biggest buzzwords, but its impact and possibilities for the healthcare industry continue to have many insiders excited this year. At a time when pressure is being placed on the healthcare industry to reduce costs across the board, data continues to … Read more