How to Deal With the Holiday Blues

Updated on January 11, 2019

As you prepare to enjoy your holidays, nothing should stop you from having a good time. You have been working all year, and therefore, you need a break. However, few people prepare themselves for the holiday blues. You only notice that there is a problem when you come back and your brain can hardly focus. These blues affect both children and adults. To ensure that you get back to your usual self fast, you need a proper therapy. You may want to visit Neurocore Brain performance centers for Neurotherapy sessions to relieve yourself of these symptoms. Let us find out what you will get.

Inside the Brain Performance Centers

Many people do not know that the brain can regulate itself. This regulation happens when the right conditions are available. At these centers, you will find specialists who use electrical measurements of brain waves to control it. Through Neurofeedback, you will help your brain to function effectively by using practice, repetition, and positive reinforcement. In simple terms, this process works by rewarding the brain. The method also eliminates unwanted brain activity. Therefore, the holiday blues that seem to destruct you can quickly be removed when you use this therapy.

Developing brain waves and changing their state

Research carried out in 1968 exposed some people to an easy test, but the results were terrific. When people were asked to close their eyes and wait for a tone, they were then asked if they thought that their brains were exuding alpha waves. Only half of them answered correctly. In a second experiment, they were required to go into alpha when the bell rang once and to avoid it when it rang twice. The conclusion was that some people could develop brain waves. Another observation was that there are individuals who can change the state of their brain waves when prompted to do so. This research formed the basis of the Brain Performance Centers.

Using Neurotherapy to treat depression

Clinical depression if the most severe type of depression. However, studies show that it affects more than 10 million people in the US alone. Some of the causes of this depression are hormones, genetics, and brain chemistry. Therefore, if you can change the chemistry of your brain, there is no doubt that you will be cured of this condition. Changing the state of mind goes back to the study mentioned above and so, you need to know how to change the waves when prompted or develop them. The ability to produce the right alpha waves determines how fast the brain responds to the problem.

Using Neurotherapy to treat ADHD

In children, one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. Sometimes, this disorder can spill over into adulthood. Children suffering from the condition could be inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive. These symptoms will be accelerated when you take your kids on holiday. Rather than deny them that opportunity, you can take them to the brain centers once you are through with holiday. Through Neurofeedback, there will be the right balance of chemicals and electric waves in the brain, and therefore, the child will be more attentive and relaxed. The bad waves that make this disorder to present the worst symptoms will also be removed through the process.

About Neurocore

Neurocore is basing on the concept of Neurofeedback to treat depression and ADHD in children, teens, and adults. So far, the use of this therapy this method has worked in thousands of patients treated through their Brain Performance Centers which rely on data-driven and brain-based assessment to improve mental acuity. They also help people with sleep disorders and stress.

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