Common Injuries Basic First Aid Can Treat

Updated on August 28, 2023
Common Injuries Basic First Aid Can Treat

Work is one of the places you spend the most time day to day. Thus, you are more likely to experience an emergency in this setting than anywhere else. So, whether you work at an office complex or in a hospital, you should know how to react and what you can do to help. Regardless of your familiarity with the treatment side of healthcare, here are a few of the most common injuries basic first aid can treat.

Stings and Bites

Bug bites and bee or wasp stings can be extremely painful—some people are even allergic to certain insects. But basic first aid skills equip you to locate the sting and treat it. Depending on the equipment you have on hand, you can even remove the remaining stinger. Though you are less likely to experience this issue in an indoor office setting, there are plenty of people who work outdoors that need to know how to address this issue.

Minor Burns

People usually associate burns with large fires or hot ovens. However, the workplace can be full of hot items that will burn unprotected skin. Consider the coffee maker. Depending on the make, model, age, and condition of your machine, there could be exposed wires and overflowing hot water that will be dangerous when touched. First aid skills allow you to come to the rescue in these situations with the proper cooling techniques and bandaging.

Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Working at an office, there is a surprising amount of opportunity to cut and scrape your body. Paper cuts, misplaced staples, tripping and sliding across the floor—all of these accidents will result in minor cuts and scrapes that you should tend to immediately to prevent infection. You can easily wash out the wound, apply antiseptic agents, and bandage the wound with items from a first aid kit. If the cut is beyond the level of basic first aid skills, you ought to take the person to a trained medical professional or hospital.

Watch for the common injuries basic first aid can treat so you can act fast in an emergency. When you understand why basic first aid knowledge is essential, you can take the proper classes and equip yourself to be ready for whatever happens.