4 Tips For Anyone With Patients In Recovery

Many patients struggle with addiction, mental health and staying sober. No one knows the struggle except the person going through it. Recovery is a major part of healing and getting better. Health professionals, like yourself, work hard to help those struggling come out on the other side.

There’s no right or wrong way to nurse yourself back to health. It takes a special formula for each person and a willingness to stop at nothing to achieve wellness. Since you work with and see patients everyday who are going through a battle, it’s important for you to be educated on what you can do to help. See tips for anyone with patients in recovery.

Suggest they Open up

It’s important for patients to open up and tell their story. Keeping it all inside only hinders their progress and makes them feel shameful. Encourage your patients to share their story with family members, friends and social workers. Help them see that telling others they trust will make them feel less alone and isolated. Provide starter questions and talking points that will help get the conversation going. If they don’t trust anyone else, then be that person for them. 

Encourage them to Take Care of Themselves

Anyone working through recovery needs to take care of themselves. Self-care should be a number one focus. Suggest that they shop at an organic food store and cook healthy meals at home. Put together a schedule they can follow that includes activities like showering, reading and exercising. Remind them that one healthy habit leads to the next and that they’ll feel better mentally and physically when they take care of themselves. Check up on your patient and hold them accountable for putting themselves first.

Tell them not to be Afraid to ask for Help

Let them know that they’re not alone. Remind them that they don’t have to battle the illness or disease alone and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Make a list of everyone who’s on their side trying to help them heal, including friends and family members. Point out that doing it all alone isn’t the answer. They need strength, support and love from those in their corner. Share stories of other people who’ve succeeded in recovery and did so because they used their support system.

Practice Optimism & Gratitude Together

Teach your patients about optimism and gratitude. Show them ways to focus on hope and their spirituality that will get them through the tricky days. Provide a journal they can use for writing down what they’re grateful for each day. Encourage them to read it over and embrace what they’ve recorded down. These are strong forces that have the power to lift your patients out of a dark place. Ask them to share their thoughts with you and stay focused on the positive responses.


Recovery is a positive, but complicated time in a patient’s life. Be there to support and guide them using these suggestions for helping them through a difficult transition. These are tips for anyone with patients in recovery.